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Hey! I saw your amy winehouse edits and i was very impressed! I was wondering how did you make those GIF edits with the snapchat text and buttons overlaid on them? I really want to know and I'd be so happy if you told me! I tried photoshopping something but it turned out terribly. Do you have like a template with a blank background or something? Thanks so much!! :)

aww thank you!!!

first you’ll need to know how to make gifs and use psds. then:

i do my gifs on ps cs5 and save them. after that, i open the gif i want to work with and open the snapchat psd i previously downloaded from here. then, i drag those layers (of the snapchat thing) to the window where the gif is and put them at the top of the gif layers like this. edit the text and save


Amy Winehouse sort of infographic inspired by American Apparel Ads || click here to view the image full size an read it :)

Jennifer Rocholl, 2007 

Tears Dry On Their Own lyrics on the landscape from The day She came to Dingle documentary

Helayne Seidman, 2007

Amy Winehouse talking her early infleunces at Dingle, 2006


2009 or 2010


New work by Adrian+Shane will feature in the When I Walk In Your Shoes exhibition which opens at the London Westbank Gallery on September 25th.
All proceeds raised from the sale of Amy Winehouse inspired art will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Amy Winehouse by Max Vadukul, 2007

Amy Winehouse winged eyeliner evolution (2003 - 2003 -2004 - 2006)

Mum, I hate mediocrity. I never want to be mediocre. —Amy Winehouse
Hey I sent this ask before but I'm sure you get a lot of messages. I am a devoted Amy fan as well and would love to see someone do a post with Amy's background vocals from both albums and the posthumous one. What do you think??

hiii i’ve never recieved such a message. anyway, i’d love that too. i wish i knew how to isolate voices and stuff like that but i don’t :(

if someone’s reading this and knows how to please please do it !!!!

SXSW, 2007

Amy Winehouse by Charles Moriarty, 2003

Amy at Covent Gardeb, Soho

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