Trying the best to keep Amy unforgettable since March 2012

Highline Ballroom, 2007

Midem, Cannes | 2007

Amy Winehouse’s guitar at the exhibition Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait by the Jewish Museum

Pegasus street artist

Amy and Tony Bennett, 2011

Coachella, 2007

"She was witty. You know that english wit?" - Nas

Summer is coming here so i felt inspired and did this iphone wallpapers. (insp) like/reblog if using! x

Coachella, 2007


Amy performing at Pyramid Stage on the first day at Glastonbury 2007

Hola, soy tu fans desde conocí "Tumblr" gracias a ti cree mi blog en respeto a Amy. Mi canción favorita de "Frank" tambien es "Take de box" en TODAS sus versiones desde el 2003 hasta en los últimos conciertos en la que la interpretó. Quisiera saber si puedes publicar tu foto de avatar LA AMÉEEE!!! que tengas lindos días bella amiga, la amo <3

awww awwww <3333

sii take the box todas sus versiones me encantan!!!

la publiqué hace un rato :)

yo a ti <333


Amy Winehouse x Fred Perry

Amy with a fan after the Highline Ballroom gig, 2007

Amy Winehouse performing at Jools Holland, 2006


I love Amy winehouse so much like.. it’s weird how much I love her.. I think about her everyday & there are some people I talk to almost daily that I don’t think about as much as I think about her tbh

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